Our Story

Canadian Winters are tough. Cold weather, winds coming from the True North, and endless mountains covered by snow. Oh Canada!

Like our fellow Canadians, our trees are toughened by this rough season, making our wood so hard and durable. Combined with an amazing knowledge for woodworking, our remarkable lumber is at the origin of the best baseball bats on the planet.

We all know that Canadians love hockey. But they also crave for baseball. From coast to coast, our passion for baseball is undeniable.

At Canuck Bat Company, our mission is to provide top-quality baseball bats at a very low price. Because we want everyone to be able to swing a good and affordable bat. Durability is also crucial, and that’s why we are only using birch to handcraft our bats. Birch is a hard wood that features long and flexible fibers for greater flexibility and resilience.

Try the Canuck difference and hit the Canadian way.